Sunday, November 28, 2010

All Microwave Ovens should have a smoke detector and alarm built into them 11 28 2010

All Microwave Ovens should have a smoke detector and alarm built into them.

This would prevent many fires when the wrong settings are used.

Basically food you cook in a microwave should and will never smoke unless it is one fire.

The smoke detector can be made to either trigger the alarm, or turn the machine off or both.

I have accidentally used the wrong setting three times and so has just about everyone that I know of.

This could save many lives.  It could save a lot of damage to property etc.

President Obama allocate this to the write department and made it so.

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Friday, November 26, 2010

All Public Urinals could scan a mans urine for disease

All public urinals could be made to have scanner or sensor technology such as infraspectrometers sp?,  to scan the cascade of a mans urine to diagnose disease.

Sensor and microchips have become so cheap that I foresee that this could easily be a feasible action.

You could also put them in bars and if a person has had too much to drink it would tell them.

There are many applications to this.

If we can scan and see the naked bodies of people in airports today, why can't we scan just the urine for diseases, and things that should not be there.  This could indeed lead to the prevention of pandemic diseases in the future.

This would greatly increase the health of the American Population.

I don't know what you would do about womens health regarding this.  And also I don't know what we will do when the clean water flowing down the urinal shows disease is already present.

I am going to forward this one to FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Association.

We could also screen everyone entering the country for narcotics in this manner.  Unless of course you are of the mindset that we need more of those people here.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Monday, November 15, 2010

All cars in the united states should be painted white underneath the seats,

All cars in the united states should be painted white underneath the seats, so that you can easily find things when they fall under there. Like your driving glasses, money for the toll booth or parking meter, garage door opener, credit cards, keys etc....

Mandate this whoever is in charge of this country!!!!!!!

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tin foil that absorbs cooking oil 10 31 2010

This would be a great invention to benefit the health of the average American.  Tin foil/ Aluminum foil that you could line your oven pans with as I do now for items like frozen foods cooked in the oven that are greasy like fried chicken that you bake or french fries that you bake.

It would also be good to set foods on that you removed from the frying pan that are greasy too.

This product might have three layers, the top being perforated in some way, the middle layer being some type of absorbent like a clay based product and the lower layer being captive and leak proof.

In quick summary the food you cooked this way would be less greasy and more healthy.

Thomas Paul Murphy
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Friday, October 22, 2010

Glow in the dark electrical tape

Not much too say here accept that I would like some.

Glow in the dark electrical tape, why not?

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Friday, September 17, 2010

Subway Air Vent Electric Producing Turbines 09 17 2010

Okay, why not do it?

Have vents into the street surface that contain turbines the blades of which are the diameter of the vent pipe.

When a subway train went by the vacuum and equalization pressure for and aft would turn the turbines.  Of course they would have to be well maintaned and the distance between placements optimized.  They would not even have to go all the way to the surface, in subways a horizontal shaft could be on top and parraleel with the train shaft.  This would produce the same effect.

We need to think of more ways to produce electricity from the byproduct forces of our activities.

Thomas Paul Murphy

God Bless Those Who Think Of Better Futures

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Transparent Cap Roof Vent Replacement Caps and Retrofits

09 12 2010 4:00 PM Invention Needed: Transparent Cap Roof Vent Replacement Caps and Retrofits

Invention, roof cap vents or retrofit kits made from the same material as domed sky lights.

This material can withstand the elements and has been proven in skylights

There could also be a retrofit cap that could be easily pop riveted to the collar of a standard cap vent.

This retrofit would provide illumination to dark garages and attics with little additional cost as roofs have vent caps already. An optimal time to replace these would be when roof shingles are replaced, but in reality if there is an existing hole through the roof where there is a cap vent already they could be easily replaced at any time.

As far as I know this is my idea and design. I am divulging it to the public because the patent system and rights to intellectual property have been corrupted.

I do not claim any right to this and have not searched this out. I do know that a great market potential exist for these that has not been addressed, and would save this country energy.

There will never be the spirit of invention in this country the way it was in our countries history ever again. The spirit of invention that built this country is now stolen. The small inventor with the best ideas does not have a chance anymore, as he did in the history of this country.

The true inventors of things never get credit or remuneration in this country anymore. What do they get demonized, labeled as crazy and put on medicine so their ideas can be shamelessly stolen, by of all people Satan. Don’t laugh because it is true.

The more intelligent in this country are demonized by Religious orders, and their ideas feed the mouths of the brazen women of the time of Rome. This is why the Arab world hates us and quite frankly I and the one percent of our population who suffer shamelessly at their hands do not like it either, we loath it.

The patent system in this country has been subverted to the will of university research and corporate monopoly. The crime lords and Universities use nonlethal technologies to drive these people “Crazy” and discredit them. This allows them to steal without threat of culpability.

They use nonlethal weapons to torture those of greater intellect and loot their minds under the protective guise of organized religion and psychiatry to maintain a false status Quo in this country. And yes Wall Street is part of this too, and they do not have our best interests at heart, only their own bank accounts. They care little for Democracy.

So go ahead take this and claim it as your own, you have done so with most of my intellectual property for the last forty years.

God Bless Those Who Think For Themselves

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Cure for all Viruses and Bacteria: Superheated Blood 09 08 2010

Invention Needed:

The Cure for all Viruses and Bacteria: Superheated Blood 09 08 2010

What I have envisioned is a device similar to a dialysis machine, but instead of or in addition to filtering your blood, it heats it up to the temperature of a very high fever, when it goes through the machine. The length of time exposed to heat can be controlled and the blood can indeed be cooled before it is reintroduced to the person via catheter. Cycle times could be controlled for optimization. Viruses and bacteria could be cured in this manner. The flue could be extinguished. There would never be another plague. Future generations of the device could be worn on the forearm. Portable units could be attached by those at risk in remote operations. A vein puncture at the bend of the elbow and one at the other end of the machine in the future at the wrist would be all that is needed.

Background: It is known that a fever cures many illnesses as it raises the temperature to where the germs cannot survive.

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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This one could be the cure for aids.  But I do know if I really want to cure that.  See my articles on my religion blog and crime against humanity blog for the reasons why.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Invention Needed: Landfill Catalyst

This one is on the lighter side:
I bet if you took the entire contents of a landfill, put it in a vat of stirring water and added a hardening catalyst and other catalysts that you would have the perfect material for paving a new road that would virtually last forever.  The material would need to be ground to a uniformity and in the same manner that it took Edison thousands of tries to find the appropriate filament for a light bulb, that you could find the appropriate catalysts to convert entropic landfill material into something useable such as material for paving a road.
The consistency of this material would most likely be that of dried oatmeal on a pan I think as I eat my morning barley.  It would need to be sealed at the microcellular level or there would also need to be a catalyst to purge and destroy cellular walls, thereby eliminating a water retention issue.
God Bless Those With Big Dreams
Thomas Paul Murphy
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Invention Needed Laundry detergent bottle to flower watering pot

 Laundry detergent bottle to flower watering pot.

Consumer products should be made with a second purpose for what would normally end up in a landfill. How much better would the world be today and in the future if a laundry detergent bottle had a spout on the end and could be used to water a proliferation of house and garden plants. Everyone would be encouraged to plant more plants and the world would be a greener place.

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Invention Needed Benign liquid battery technology capable of being charged by a lightning strike.

Benign liquid battery technology capable of being charged by a lightning strike.

With advances in battery composition and capacitance someday we might see the return of the lightning rods. Every house will have a large pipe you could buy at a hardware store for less than one hundred dollars, it would have a basis of benign chemical battery technology at its anchoring and grounding base that would be charged when lightning hit the lightning rod. The “IRONY” is that the person whose place got struck by lightning would be the lucky one. As they could sell that energy to the electric company and their house would not be destroyed as the lightning hit the rod and charged the battery instead.

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Friday, July 9, 2010

Invention Needed: Harmonic Gas Seperation Method

Invention Needed: Harmonic Gas Seperation Method 07 09 2010

A harmonic method to separate atmospheric gases at common outdoor temperatures. This method could be used to provide a clean fuel source or adjunct to current fuel sources to improve gas mileage of cars. Device could be powered by flexible solar panels integral to the body work of the car.

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Friday, June 4, 2010

More ideas to cap undersea oil wells by yours truly 06 04 2010

More ideas to cap undersea oil wells by yours truly 06 04 2010

1. If you were to take a metal that burns in water like potassium and bond it to a metal that does not the metal that burns in water would melt the one bonded to it. You could have an endless supply of these rods and fuse this pipe shut. The technology could be refined to work. What you would have are welding rods without a source. They could be wrapped in a thin plastic so that they burn at the end. What I have just invented here is an underwater welding rod that does not need a power source, and for all I know somebody else might have invented this already.

· Potassium and some other metals burn in water so why not bond them to another metal that doesn't and create an underwater welding rod, wrap it in a thin layer of plastic so it only melts at the end where it is exposed to water, The burning potassium melting the other metal which then flows and fuses at its tip.

2. They need to have a universal robotic capper that is a single unit and attaches to the pipe, clamps tight, then the diamond blade swings over and cuts it flush, then a cap rotate up on two hinges and screws itself back down. It would have a rubber gasket. If this technology were employed a second well could be drilled nearby to pump the oil and put a relief on this well head. This type of well head should have a special flange that allows it to be welded shut permanently.

3. It should be a requirement that all well heads undersea have a manual closing valve that does not protrude to be broken off but can easily be accessed by a underwater robotic tool. It would be located more towards the ocean floor as it would be considered a failsafe.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Ideas to help cap undersea leaking oil wells for now and the future 06 02 2010

Ideas to help cap undersea leaking oil wells for now and the future 06 02 2010

1. A slew of geodesic spiked balls made of solid steel with a rustproof alloy or geodesic solid spiked balls with razor sharp spike that are spring loaded and fire on impact with the seabed floor. These would be used in conjunction with bags of a special oil tolerant hydraulic cement. In series they could be dumped off a ship and onto the seabed floor. The spikes initially forming a non shifting basis for the mass to come. The cement would be next and then in series the geodesic balls and cement.

2. Bags of an initially viscous tar based glue that could be used in conjunction with other methods

3. A big stomping foot weight on a chain could be raised and lowered much like an anchor on a material of sufficient mass that would set more with a basis of a pile driving mass.

4. An iron latticework framework with spikes that could be lowered approximately on the leak. The wellheads would have to be made so that they could not be clogged via any concrete that is used in conjunction. The apparatus could not be clogged either. This could be accomplished through an eject able or captively firing blank that would be expelled upward and downward upon completion of hydraulic cement bag application.

5. Bags of hydraulic cement that would shred and burst upon impact with the seabed floor or spiked framework there. The bag material would be designed to work in conjunction with the means. It could have metal rods or wire.

6. Numerous wellheads mounted whose soft cores could be expelled upon concrete formation

7. A perimeter based latticework structure of metal with described wellheads that could be lowered via three point system. The same lowering system could be used to pour or direct described concrete.

8. A spike cannon would shoot 10’ lengths of solid spikes into the seabed floor. Then the hydraulic cement in that is in bags compatible to the project could be lowered

9. A hydraulic pump that automatically puts new structural bags on its delivering end and fills bags that have a special surface that makes them seal to one another.

10. Hydraulic bags of cement in a bag of engineered material that, with shaped explosive spike that makes said bags form a cohesive and captive and somewhat unified structure or mass.

11. My first idea was a wellhead mounted on concrete mass of weight that would have a channel structure on its underside side or bottom side that would ensure flow of oil is directed up into the well head or numerous wellheads. As we have seen this does not require precise science to cap a flowing mass of this nature.

12. Heavy captive tarps or strands of tarp material could be used in conjunction to form a captive structure.

13. Physics determine the mass needed and height of well heads. Pressure of oil is already known when they drilled for it.

14. Sink a barge with bags of hydraulic cement and a spiked base that would not allow it to shift

15. A onetime use barge type submarine that could land on the broken well flow and form a base. All it would need would be directional maneuverability and ballast control. Our defense department needs to reallocate dollars to this idea right away. Oil spills are indeed some of our greatest national disasters !

God Bless Those Who Think

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Used tires to modular strips, a process and industry

Invention Suggestion:

Used Tires to Modular Strips 05 16 2010

Modular with Revulcanized Used Tire Flat Strips with Orientated Holes

Background: I have made many workbenches and the process is always the same. Cutting the board, cleaning the surface and drilling orientated holes for fixing the boards together with threaded rods.

In this country and the world for that matter there is a large problem what to do with waste tires. What we need to do with them is make modular flat strip for use in general construction. The strips would have orientated holes for construction. And a revulcanized surface that covers the wires threads, the revulcanizing rubber coming from the sidewalls or lathe scrapings.

The industrial process to produce them works like this. The waste tires are placed on an outward articulated spindle, much like how the eye of a camera works. They are quickly expanded to round form via the outward articulated spindle on the lathe. They are then turned on said lathe to remove surface tread. Waste trimmings are then heated to just above melting point in an industrial melting pot.

The tires are cut at the inner circumference on the same lathe. The remaining cone formation of the tire is then cut once at a right angle to form a basis rectangular strip. The remaining roundness of form would be “ironed” out as they are fed through a rolling heating press.

The melted trimmings are then applied to the surface of the treads as they are fed through the same press or one more discreetly designed for them.

These would form the basis modular forms. The width of said forms set at circumference cutting.

The strips would then be drilled with orientated holes much like the strips that form my work benches. They would be orientated much as some of today’s waste lumber are sorted and used to form laminates

And strips could indeed be made to form work benches in the same process I described above. A new type of rubber glue that is non-aromatic could be developed to make for healthy construction projects.

The strips could be used in Gym floors across the country to protect from metal and concrete fatigue, due to the percussive force of weights. Properly installed and laminated they would make industrial flooring that would allow very little leaching of oils and toxins into the soil below. (Toxins used in manufacturing is another issue I hope to address in a separate blog) Environmental remediation under factories is one of the biggest factors or costs in buying vacant factory property for use or redevelopment. In college I went to a Water Stock Conference, Some factories have so much leached chemical into the soil below that if you lit a match they would explode.

New vulcanizing putty spreaders much like used in drywall sanding surfacing could be developed to finish constructions made of said modular rubber strips.

God Bless Those Who Think

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Magnetovoltaic Cell 05 16 2010

Invention Suggestion:

Magnetovoltaic Cell 05 16 2010

Just about every electronic device in your house produces a stray magnetic field. It is wasted energy. Every electric motor produces one; fluorescent lights do as do regular light bulbs. When I was a boy I had a pen radio. It came from the Johnson Smith catalog or The Reverend Fun Moon Shop on Wisconsin Av. in Milwaukee. Per my recollection it needed absolutely no battery what so ever to work. This is how powerful radio waves are. And they are of magnetic wave form.

Why not invent a magnetic voltaic cell or sheeting that captures them and converts them back to electricity. They could be incorporated into the device that produces said magnetic field to make it more electrically efficient. They could be added as a layer underneath solar cell panels for the capture and reproduction to electricity of a secondary energy form. This is probably what Tesla was all about. His materials were all said to be seized by the United States Government.

Silicon circuits with floating and fixed magnetically influenced particles that capture energy from a waste magnetic field and convert it to electricity. In effect radio waves are airborne electricity. The universe is said to radiate microwave energy originating from the time of the big bang.
For a basis for this technology think of Mexican jumping beans positioned along the line of a silicon circuit. As they are influenced by the magnetic field instead of using energy they produce it. The opposite of a computer chip.
If we can capture light we can capture these other fields also.
Motors could be wrapped in a layer of this energy conserving field, the energy of which fed back into the motor.
Is there an issue that would make this technology more or less efficient such as harmonic resonance?
There should be government grants made available for development of this. Barrack Obama would be the president to take the initiative to form the grants. This technology would also make Photovoltaic Cells more efficient.

Once again a separate under layer array of this in a solar cell farm would increase energy production.

A great benefit of this technology is that there would be less interference in the airwaves and cell phones and radios would need to use less energy to work. Father Sony you took us in the wrong direction.

God Bless Those Who Think

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Invention Suggestion: Particle Wave Gasoline Diffused engine

Invention Suggestion: Particle Wave Gasoline Diffused engine 05 15 2010

Today gasoline is mixed with air to diffuse the gasoline molecules, in effect spreading the gasoline out thinner in the three dimensional space of the cylinder chamber. What we need to do is to use air and another technology, such as a hypothetical ion stream or similar particle wave form that could spread the gas out further in the three dimensional space of the cylinder. This technology has to be developed to the point that only one drop of gas is required to fire a cylinder once. If you have ever spilled just one drop of gasoline you will know from the aromatics that there is a lot more energy in it than is utilized, energy that can be extracted more efficiently and environmentally friendly.

The basis of today’s automotive engine could be redesigned with lighter and more efficient components materials, that would reduce friction, whereby it produces the same amount of force as a conventional engine and can do the same amount of work but is exponentially more efficient. Valves would be designed to be more captive, cylinders and valves made tight fitting and more captive of the energy release and conversion.

A while back I sent out a letter to about how automotive makers need to do a mass study on the weight to gas mileage ratio of all the automobiles that were ever made. I did this after seeing a public television program showing an early version black and video tape of a jeep that went over all kinds of terrain and got 40 mpg.

Where did we lose this jeep? Do we have to wait for NASA to find it?

God bless those who think

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Idea for Suggestion 04 17 2010

Idea for Suggestion 04 17 2010

How about quick ties that have the ability to write or label on them. They would be for general use but also include this feature.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Idea for Suggeston 04 16 2010

Idea for suggestion: 04 16 2010

“Some workbenches are made with electrical outlets in the legs. In this day and age with a predominance of laptop computers, how about sofas with electrical outlets in the feet?”

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Inventions Needed First Blog

Inventions Needed First Blog

How many times have heard the phrase if you could invent that you would make $1,000,000.oo. That’s a million dollars. I have heard this quite a few times in my life. And I heard it yesterday. With this blog I intend to list ideas that people need to invent that would be helpful to our society. Basically things I think that would be helpful to “US”. Some of the ideas will serve as a starting point for you to, “Get the ball rolling.” They are suggestions for you to develop. I do not intend to profit from the Suggestions for Development, because I have neither the time nor effort to do so.

Here is one I heard the other day.

Suggestion for Development: My father was in the hospital for Congestive Heart Failure. And I started talking to the doctor. Congestive heart failure which is a leading cause of death often becomes fatal when there is too much sodium in the blood. The heart has to work harder. I said to the Doctor there is a simple and easy test for blood sugar. Is there one for Sodium in the blood. He said they haven’t been able to make one but if someone where they were to make a million dollars. I got to thinking maybe there is a different way to measure this, it could be you rinse your mouth out with half a cup of purified water and put it in a glass and add a test strip. This could actually be a test method for many diseases. By god we can test for alcohol in the breath can’t we analyze and test for other metabolites this way also. I heard a doctor on the radio say the skin is the third kidney of the human body. Could we not measure something from sweat or galvanic response protocols to measure these things? You could even rub a benign irritant on the skin and measure that promoted a localized excretion i.e. sweat and measure and read with specific test strips, or measurement fabrics. A collection could be made with a specific cloth like material and strung between two electronic, picture in your mind the filament of light bulb. And a reading similar to the galvanic could be made. The way they test for too much sodium in these patients today is to weigh yourself in the morning and also look at your ankles to see they are not swollen.

Suggestion for Development:

A refrigerator that is more ergonomically geared to fruits and vegetables. I’m not done with the refrigerator the most energy consuming device in your house. That motor could be powered by a solar panel. It could also use the cold air from the outside in the winter, with a ducted in baffled vent and thermostat to cool in winter in more northern climates.

Also, the sidewalls of a refrigerator are too thick. In the space age they can be made thinner and insulate just as well. The refrigerator could come in large panels with easy and recessed Nuevo styled fasteners. Ever so large as the panels could be they could still be made with a semi air layer with bastion together points on its grid. The manufacturer would save on shipping and the device could be moved up and down stairs and around corners easier. I’m talking modular assembly.

That’s all I have time for now. Check back and there should be some pictures of funny things I have invented, thought of or designed. And if you have any of these ideas you feel whose time has come but you are bogged down by our bureaucratic resource feel free to share them in this, “We’re all in this together space.” If I don’t like the manner of them I will just delete them, that’s all.