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Magnetovoltaic Cell 05 16 2010

Invention Suggestion:

Magnetovoltaic Cell 05 16 2010

Just about every electronic device in your house produces a stray magnetic field. It is wasted energy. Every electric motor produces one; fluorescent lights do as do regular light bulbs. When I was a boy I had a pen radio. It came from the Johnson Smith catalog or The Reverend Fun Moon Shop on Wisconsin Av. in Milwaukee. Per my recollection it needed absolutely no battery what so ever to work. This is how powerful radio waves are. And they are of magnetic wave form.

Why not invent a magnetic voltaic cell or sheeting that captures them and converts them back to electricity. They could be incorporated into the device that produces said magnetic field to make it more electrically efficient. They could be added as a layer underneath solar cell panels for the capture and reproduction to electricity of a secondary energy form. This is probably what Tesla was all about. His materials were all said to be seized by the United States Government.

Silicon circuits with floating and fixed magnetically influenced particles that capture energy from a waste magnetic field and convert it to electricity. In effect radio waves are airborne electricity. The universe is said to radiate microwave energy originating from the time of the big bang.
For a basis for this technology think of Mexican jumping beans positioned along the line of a silicon circuit. As they are influenced by the magnetic field instead of using energy they produce it. The opposite of a computer chip.
If we can capture light we can capture these other fields also.
Motors could be wrapped in a layer of this energy conserving field, the energy of which fed back into the motor.
Is there an issue that would make this technology more or less efficient such as harmonic resonance?
There should be government grants made available for development of this. Barrack Obama would be the president to take the initiative to form the grants. This technology would also make Photovoltaic Cells more efficient.

Once again a separate under layer array of this in a solar cell farm would increase energy production.

A great benefit of this technology is that there would be less interference in the airwaves and cell phones and radios would need to use less energy to work. Father Sony you took us in the wrong direction.

God Bless Those Who Think

Thomas Paul Murphy

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