Friday, September 17, 2010

Subway Air Vent Electric Producing Turbines 09 17 2010

Okay, why not do it?

Have vents into the street surface that contain turbines the blades of which are the diameter of the vent pipe.

When a subway train went by the vacuum and equalization pressure for and aft would turn the turbines.  Of course they would have to be well maintaned and the distance between placements optimized.  They would not even have to go all the way to the surface, in subways a horizontal shaft could be on top and parraleel with the train shaft.  This would produce the same effect.

We need to think of more ways to produce electricity from the byproduct forces of our activities.

Thomas Paul Murphy

God Bless Those Who Think Of Better Futures

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Transparent Cap Roof Vent Replacement Caps and Retrofits

09 12 2010 4:00 PM Invention Needed: Transparent Cap Roof Vent Replacement Caps and Retrofits

Invention, roof cap vents or retrofit kits made from the same material as domed sky lights.

This material can withstand the elements and has been proven in skylights

There could also be a retrofit cap that could be easily pop riveted to the collar of a standard cap vent.

This retrofit would provide illumination to dark garages and attics with little additional cost as roofs have vent caps already. An optimal time to replace these would be when roof shingles are replaced, but in reality if there is an existing hole through the roof where there is a cap vent already they could be easily replaced at any time.

As far as I know this is my idea and design. I am divulging it to the public because the patent system and rights to intellectual property have been corrupted.

I do not claim any right to this and have not searched this out. I do know that a great market potential exist for these that has not been addressed, and would save this country energy.

There will never be the spirit of invention in this country the way it was in our countries history ever again. The spirit of invention that built this country is now stolen. The small inventor with the best ideas does not have a chance anymore, as he did in the history of this country.

The true inventors of things never get credit or remuneration in this country anymore. What do they get demonized, labeled as crazy and put on medicine so their ideas can be shamelessly stolen, by of all people Satan. Don’t laugh because it is true.

The more intelligent in this country are demonized by Religious orders, and their ideas feed the mouths of the brazen women of the time of Rome. This is why the Arab world hates us and quite frankly I and the one percent of our population who suffer shamelessly at their hands do not like it either, we loath it.

The patent system in this country has been subverted to the will of university research and corporate monopoly. The crime lords and Universities use nonlethal technologies to drive these people “Crazy” and discredit them. This allows them to steal without threat of culpability.

They use nonlethal weapons to torture those of greater intellect and loot their minds under the protective guise of organized religion and psychiatry to maintain a false status Quo in this country. And yes Wall Street is part of this too, and they do not have our best interests at heart, only their own bank accounts. They care little for Democracy.

So go ahead take this and claim it as your own, you have done so with most of my intellectual property for the last forty years.

God Bless Those Who Think For Themselves

Thomas Paul Murphy

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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Cure for all Viruses and Bacteria: Superheated Blood 09 08 2010

Invention Needed:

The Cure for all Viruses and Bacteria: Superheated Blood 09 08 2010

What I have envisioned is a device similar to a dialysis machine, but instead of or in addition to filtering your blood, it heats it up to the temperature of a very high fever, when it goes through the machine. The length of time exposed to heat can be controlled and the blood can indeed be cooled before it is reintroduced to the person via catheter. Cycle times could be controlled for optimization. Viruses and bacteria could be cured in this manner. The flue could be extinguished. There would never be another plague. Future generations of the device could be worn on the forearm. Portable units could be attached by those at risk in remote operations. A vein puncture at the bend of the elbow and one at the other end of the machine in the future at the wrist would be all that is needed.

Background: It is known that a fever cures many illnesses as it raises the temperature to where the germs cannot survive.

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This one could be the cure for aids.  But I do know if I really want to cure that.  See my articles on my religion blog and crime against humanity blog for the reasons why.