Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Invention Needed: Landfill Catalyst

This one is on the lighter side:
I bet if you took the entire contents of a landfill, put it in a vat of stirring water and added a hardening catalyst and other catalysts that you would have the perfect material for paving a new road that would virtually last forever.  The material would need to be ground to a uniformity and in the same manner that it took Edison thousands of tries to find the appropriate filament for a light bulb, that you could find the appropriate catalysts to convert entropic landfill material into something useable such as material for paving a road.
The consistency of this material would most likely be that of dried oatmeal on a pan I think as I eat my morning barley.  It would need to be sealed at the microcellular level or there would also need to be a catalyst to purge and destroy cellular walls, thereby eliminating a water retention issue.
God Bless Those With Big Dreams
Thomas Paul Murphy
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Invention Needed Laundry detergent bottle to flower watering pot

 Laundry detergent bottle to flower watering pot.

Consumer products should be made with a second purpose for what would normally end up in a landfill. How much better would the world be today and in the future if a laundry detergent bottle had a spout on the end and could be used to water a proliferation of house and garden plants. Everyone would be encouraged to plant more plants and the world would be a greener place.

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Invention Needed Benign liquid battery technology capable of being charged by a lightning strike.

Benign liquid battery technology capable of being charged by a lightning strike.

With advances in battery composition and capacitance someday we might see the return of the lightning rods. Every house will have a large pipe you could buy at a hardware store for less than one hundred dollars, it would have a basis of benign chemical battery technology at its anchoring and grounding base that would be charged when lightning hit the lightning rod. The “IRONY” is that the person whose place got struck by lightning would be the lucky one. As they could sell that energy to the electric company and their house would not be destroyed as the lightning hit the rod and charged the battery instead.

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