Saturday, April 17, 2010

Idea for Suggestion 04 17 2010

Idea for Suggestion 04 17 2010

How about quick ties that have the ability to write or label on them. They would be for general use but also include this feature.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Idea for Suggeston 04 16 2010

Idea for suggestion: 04 16 2010

“Some workbenches are made with electrical outlets in the legs. In this day and age with a predominance of laptop computers, how about sofas with electrical outlets in the feet?”

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Inventions Needed First Blog

Inventions Needed First Blog

How many times have heard the phrase if you could invent that you would make $1,000,000.oo. That’s a million dollars. I have heard this quite a few times in my life. And I heard it yesterday. With this blog I intend to list ideas that people need to invent that would be helpful to our society. Basically things I think that would be helpful to “US”. Some of the ideas will serve as a starting point for you to, “Get the ball rolling.” They are suggestions for you to develop. I do not intend to profit from the Suggestions for Development, because I have neither the time nor effort to do so.

Here is one I heard the other day.

Suggestion for Development: My father was in the hospital for Congestive Heart Failure. And I started talking to the doctor. Congestive heart failure which is a leading cause of death often becomes fatal when there is too much sodium in the blood. The heart has to work harder. I said to the Doctor there is a simple and easy test for blood sugar. Is there one for Sodium in the blood. He said they haven’t been able to make one but if someone where they were to make a million dollars. I got to thinking maybe there is a different way to measure this, it could be you rinse your mouth out with half a cup of purified water and put it in a glass and add a test strip. This could actually be a test method for many diseases. By god we can test for alcohol in the breath can’t we analyze and test for other metabolites this way also. I heard a doctor on the radio say the skin is the third kidney of the human body. Could we not measure something from sweat or galvanic response protocols to measure these things? You could even rub a benign irritant on the skin and measure that promoted a localized excretion i.e. sweat and measure and read with specific test strips, or measurement fabrics. A collection could be made with a specific cloth like material and strung between two electronic, picture in your mind the filament of light bulb. And a reading similar to the galvanic could be made. The way they test for too much sodium in these patients today is to weigh yourself in the morning and also look at your ankles to see they are not swollen.

Suggestion for Development:

A refrigerator that is more ergonomically geared to fruits and vegetables. I’m not done with the refrigerator the most energy consuming device in your house. That motor could be powered by a solar panel. It could also use the cold air from the outside in the winter, with a ducted in baffled vent and thermostat to cool in winter in more northern climates.

Also, the sidewalls of a refrigerator are too thick. In the space age they can be made thinner and insulate just as well. The refrigerator could come in large panels with easy and recessed Nuevo styled fasteners. Ever so large as the panels could be they could still be made with a semi air layer with bastion together points on its grid. The manufacturer would save on shipping and the device could be moved up and down stairs and around corners easier. I’m talking modular assembly.

That’s all I have time for now. Check back and there should be some pictures of funny things I have invented, thought of or designed. And if you have any of these ideas you feel whose time has come but you are bogged down by our bureaucratic resource feel free to share them in this, “We’re all in this together space.” If I don’t like the manner of them I will just delete them, that’s all.