Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Cure for all Viruses and Bacteria: Superheated Blood 09 08 2010

Invention Needed:

The Cure for all Viruses and Bacteria: Superheated Blood 09 08 2010

What I have envisioned is a device similar to a dialysis machine, but instead of or in addition to filtering your blood, it heats it up to the temperature of a very high fever, when it goes through the machine. The length of time exposed to heat can be controlled and the blood can indeed be cooled before it is reintroduced to the person via catheter. Cycle times could be controlled for optimization. Viruses and bacteria could be cured in this manner. The flue could be extinguished. There would never be another plague. Future generations of the device could be worn on the forearm. Portable units could be attached by those at risk in remote operations. A vein puncture at the bend of the elbow and one at the other end of the machine in the future at the wrist would be all that is needed.

Background: It is known that a fever cures many illnesses as it raises the temperature to where the germs cannot survive.

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This one could be the cure for aids.  But I do know if I really want to cure that.  See my articles on my religion blog and crime against humanity blog for the reasons why.

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