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Used tires to modular strips, a process and industry

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Used Tires to Modular Strips 05 16 2010

Modular with Revulcanized Used Tire Flat Strips with Orientated Holes

Background: I have made many workbenches and the process is always the same. Cutting the board, cleaning the surface and drilling orientated holes for fixing the boards together with threaded rods.

In this country and the world for that matter there is a large problem what to do with waste tires. What we need to do with them is make modular flat strip for use in general construction. The strips would have orientated holes for construction. And a revulcanized surface that covers the wires threads, the revulcanizing rubber coming from the sidewalls or lathe scrapings.

The industrial process to produce them works like this. The waste tires are placed on an outward articulated spindle, much like how the eye of a camera works. They are quickly expanded to round form via the outward articulated spindle on the lathe. They are then turned on said lathe to remove surface tread. Waste trimmings are then heated to just above melting point in an industrial melting pot.

The tires are cut at the inner circumference on the same lathe. The remaining cone formation of the tire is then cut once at a right angle to form a basis rectangular strip. The remaining roundness of form would be “ironed” out as they are fed through a rolling heating press.

The melted trimmings are then applied to the surface of the treads as they are fed through the same press or one more discreetly designed for them.

These would form the basis modular forms. The width of said forms set at circumference cutting.

The strips would then be drilled with orientated holes much like the strips that form my work benches. They would be orientated much as some of today’s waste lumber are sorted and used to form laminates

And strips could indeed be made to form work benches in the same process I described above. A new type of rubber glue that is non-aromatic could be developed to make for healthy construction projects.

The strips could be used in Gym floors across the country to protect from metal and concrete fatigue, due to the percussive force of weights. Properly installed and laminated they would make industrial flooring that would allow very little leaching of oils and toxins into the soil below. (Toxins used in manufacturing is another issue I hope to address in a separate blog) Environmental remediation under factories is one of the biggest factors or costs in buying vacant factory property for use or redevelopment. In college I went to a Water Stock Conference, Some factories have so much leached chemical into the soil below that if you lit a match they would explode.

New vulcanizing putty spreaders much like used in drywall sanding surfacing could be developed to finish constructions made of said modular rubber strips.

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