Saturday, May 15, 2010

Invention Suggestion: Particle Wave Gasoline Diffused engine

Invention Suggestion: Particle Wave Gasoline Diffused engine 05 15 2010

Today gasoline is mixed with air to diffuse the gasoline molecules, in effect spreading the gasoline out thinner in the three dimensional space of the cylinder chamber. What we need to do is to use air and another technology, such as a hypothetical ion stream or similar particle wave form that could spread the gas out further in the three dimensional space of the cylinder. This technology has to be developed to the point that only one drop of gas is required to fire a cylinder once. If you have ever spilled just one drop of gasoline you will know from the aromatics that there is a lot more energy in it than is utilized, energy that can be extracted more efficiently and environmentally friendly.

The basis of today’s automotive engine could be redesigned with lighter and more efficient components materials, that would reduce friction, whereby it produces the same amount of force as a conventional engine and can do the same amount of work but is exponentially more efficient. Valves would be designed to be more captive, cylinders and valves made tight fitting and more captive of the energy release and conversion.

A while back I sent out a letter to about how automotive makers need to do a mass study on the weight to gas mileage ratio of all the automobiles that were ever made. I did this after seeing a public television program showing an early version black and video tape of a jeep that went over all kinds of terrain and got 40 mpg.

Where did we lose this jeep? Do we have to wait for NASA to find it?

God bless those who think

Thomas Paul Murphy

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