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More ideas to cap undersea oil wells by yours truly 06 04 2010

More ideas to cap undersea oil wells by yours truly 06 04 2010

1. If you were to take a metal that burns in water like potassium and bond it to a metal that does not the metal that burns in water would melt the one bonded to it. You could have an endless supply of these rods and fuse this pipe shut. The technology could be refined to work. What you would have are welding rods without a source. They could be wrapped in a thin plastic so that they burn at the end. What I have just invented here is an underwater welding rod that does not need a power source, and for all I know somebody else might have invented this already.

· Potassium and some other metals burn in water so why not bond them to another metal that doesn't and create an underwater welding rod, wrap it in a thin layer of plastic so it only melts at the end where it is exposed to water, The burning potassium melting the other metal which then flows and fuses at its tip.

2. They need to have a universal robotic capper that is a single unit and attaches to the pipe, clamps tight, then the diamond blade swings over and cuts it flush, then a cap rotate up on two hinges and screws itself back down. It would have a rubber gasket. If this technology were employed a second well could be drilled nearby to pump the oil and put a relief on this well head. This type of well head should have a special flange that allows it to be welded shut permanently.

3. It should be a requirement that all well heads undersea have a manual closing valve that does not protrude to be broken off but can easily be accessed by a underwater robotic tool. It would be located more towards the ocean floor as it would be considered a failsafe.

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