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Invention: Leg Press Powered Bicycle 04 02 2011

Invention: Leg Press Powered Bicycle 04 02 2011

A bicycle that uses the same type of leg force as a leg press dose at an exercise club. A bicycle such as this could do more than sixty miles per hour.

Current leg energy is wasted by the circular movement of the peddles. This invention transmits the same force that the leg uses in a leg press machine into forward movement per full length of the leg stroke. This is a much stronger force than that of the peddling in a small diameter motion.

The bicycle would have to be recumbent or low to the ground and the wheels would have to be enclosed and vented per fore low and aft high. A refractory mirror could be employed so that the “Cycler” does not have to “crane” his/her neck to ride it, thereby the frame could be made more aerodynamic and low to the ground.

One can transmit a tremendous leg force as is done in the direction of the leg moves in a leg press or squat. If you think about it the average sized man can learn to squat over 200 lbs, because this is how our legs are designed to be used not in the small diameter motion. I don’t know what the record for the squat is but I have seen men leg pressing 12 plates, that is 540 lbs. There is tremendous potential to transform such force into forward momentum. Could speeds of 200 mph be reached some day? With assist mechanisms of power such as solar panel electric drive motors that is likelihood.

Moving the legs in the full forward stroke is also healthier for the leg muscles.

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