Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Inventions Needed: Treadmill Design Improvements 04 19 2011

Inventions Needed: Treadmill Design Improvements 04 19 2011

Whenever I get on a treadmill at a gym I don’t have enough to do. They need to make a treadmill that has a speed bag mounted on a platform to the front of the treadmill so that I can use my arms while I am running and develop coordination to hit the speedbag while running. They could even make one whereby the speedbag platform moves around a little bit.

Also the treadmill could have footprints painted on the conveyor belt so that I could develop more coordination by hitting those steps with my feet. At the very least a grid pattern could be printed on the conveyor belt in about 12”X 5” rectangles, to add a little variety to the exercise.

And lastly I do not like to watch the television when I run I just end up looking at the clock. The clock on the treadmill therefore needs to be placed at eyelevel and not lower than eye level as it is today.

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2011 Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally Published on 04 19 2011 at: www.inventionsneeded.blogspot.com

I may not be able to get all my inventions patented but I can show to you and prove who thought of them first! 

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