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Invention Needed: Automotive Intake Air Preheat 05 02 2011

Invention Needed: Automotive Intake Air Preheat 05 02 2011

Air entering the combustion chamber should be preheated.

Background cold air causes fuel to condense. Combustion of condensed fuel is not as efficient and is indeed more polluting as more carbon monoxide is released as well as other byproducts of incomplete combustion.

How do we efficiently heat air before entering the combustion chamber and mixing with gas? It is very simple; air taken into the combustion chamber can be heated by passing it through a heat sink integral to the cars exhaust manifolds. The process will have to be computer controlled because it is a new concept. A heat sink is often a grid of strips of thin metal that dissipates heat, some form of this could also look like the grid from your engines radiator. Now there is another novel idea, an initial form of this engine could be where the air intake was located behind the radiator, however radiators would have to be built differently and guaranteed not to leak or at least censor monitored for moisture leakage. But my idea is more utilizing the rising nature of heat by creating a heat sink on the top of the engine much like an upper layer of cake that would be raised strips of thin metal. Cylinder configuration would have to be a little different to accommodate for this but that is something any 101 level engineering student could figure out. When inventing new things today you have to ask yourself what were the limitations regarding creative concepts that prior engineers faced that have been surmounted today with technology and innovation. What hurdles have we already leapt over that original engineers discarded innovation because they were limitations? What limitations no longer exist with regards to efficiency? There are many, and you wonder where all of our R&D money has been spent.

One danger that would need to be mitigated would be the heated intake air combusting the gas before spark and pre-firing. But the system should be devised where by the air can be chamber pre combustion chamber and injected into the cylinder. This would prevent backfiring of combustion into intake.

An engine such as this would be highly efficient because the heated air would indeed expand the gasoline gas and thereby less would be needed to produce the same combustion. In fact the system would become so efficient that oxygen could be electrolysed from water and the car could run on water.

Computer controls would be paramount in that initially the exhaust manifold is not very hot. Any motor that can figure out a way to utilize heat build, effectively a wasted energy, is a more efficient motor.

Solar panels on hood and roof surfaces would make cars extremely more efficient.

The technology exists today for a car to get 200mpg with the same horsepower and speed that they do today.

A heat sink rising from an exhaust manifold array could be located on the top of the engine or to the side in the case of V orientated cylinder.

Key factors that need to be considered are how hot is it likely to get and what are the combustion dynamics that need to be regulated regarding that.

One more point, an engine such as this would require less need to be cooled down because it is more efficient and the engine is cooled as air is brought into the intake. So the motor would need to spend less energy driving a water pump, that energy can be utilized to produce forward motion. This engine would be extremely efficient on drives more than ten minutes in length as the manifold heats up more. Also this would make cars in the colder northern regions more efficient during the winter.

Indeed such an engine could become so efficient that less spark would be needed for combustion, the need to generate less spark means less energy of the system is needed to produce such spark and therefore the motor is more fuel efficient. Fuel efficiency means one thing, how far can you go per the same gallon of gas.

I know what your critique is already, that you have the makings of your basic bomb with this; all automobile engines are the makings of the basic bomb. And in today’s age of computer controlled engines this is highly possible.

I may not be able to make money from my ideas in this country but I can sure give proof of when I thought of them. And because they are not in commercial production it is likely that I am the first to think of such things. This idea is not for profit this idea is meant to help the country. I do not claim to be the initial inventor of this idea although these are my original thoughts. And I would not doubt that our patent office backdates inventions in the guiltless and irresponsible name of corporate America. All that money will have done you no good when the planet no longer supports life because of you.  And when you can not be proud of your actions you will have developed a conscience, and it is a conscience that governs humanity not greed.

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