Saturday, April 2, 2011

Golf Club Shaft Vibration Damper

Invention 04 02 2011

Golf Club Shaft Vibration Damper

This invention of mine is meant to decrease the shock to the wrists and hands from the force created when the club hits the golf ball. In essence it is made of a rubber, polyurethane or similar material that is able to reduce vibration. A collar is made of such material and placed at a point on the club shaft or more than one point. It would be of low profile construction and thereby close to the shaft.

We have all felt that jarring twang when we hit the ball and the club vibrates into our wrists. This can cause or worsen arthritis over time. This invention is designed to reduce the vibration to the hands by such gold ball hits by damping it, in effect absorbing it into the material and thereby dissipating it.


In it’s simplest form it could be thought of to be a section of discarded golf grip placed along the shaft between the club handle and the grip.

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