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Fan for Your Underwear 04 02 2011

Invention Needed:

Fan for Your Underwear 04 02 2011

A silver dollar or coin sized fan that runs on a watch battery and is humidity activated. It has screening to protect you from the fan blades. And would fit in slots in your underwear. This invention would eliminate the moisture in your crotch that is the breeding ground for fungus and germs.

Of course you would have to have to learn and maintain habits regarding cleanliness for this area to start.

Our modern clothing is not ventilated in this area for those of us who are active. And contrary to what most people believe you can catch sickness from sitting in a chair were somebody’s germy butt sat. Your dirty butt is full of germs such as E-coli, etc. If you ever talk to someone and their breath smells like a toilet they have a Candida infection whereby they have not been active and do not have a health gastrointestinal tract. What this means is that germs that are meant to populate their lower intestinal track have populated their whole bodies. These types of people are usually in a fog of stupidity. If you talk to them and get a good whiff of this you are likely to get sick because your upper respiratory tract has not been accustomed to the germs that have broken through the resistance of theirs.

A humidistat would turn the fan on when the area got “moist” (don’t know what this would say about women) and dry the area to prevent the formation of fungus and the growth of other bacteria and germs that thrive in this warm moist environment. It would also stop the spread of hemorrhoids which are indeed a germ infection much like the gastric ulcer was found to be.

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