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Combination Pressure Washer and Vacuum Quick Car Washer 03 27 2011


Combination Pressure Washer and Vacuum Quick Car Washer 03 27 2011

The beautiful thing about this car washer is that it is quick and easy to use. A flexible dual hose system is incorporated with it. The top slat of the car wash head, that is shaped like and elongated rectangle, sprays out soapy water with just enough soap to loosen common dirt. There is a brush that runs around the perimeter of the head and across the inner length that separates the water spray function from the water vacuum function. The bottom slot of the washer head is a vacuum head much like your shop vacuum.

Very little water is spilled on your sleeves or slops around. It can be used in cold weather better than one could wash with a bucket of water and a towel because the cleaning water is vacuumed up after it has cleaned. It works much like a carpet cleaning vacuum accept the spray water is of a higher pressure.

One could simply fill the spray reservoir with mild soapy water, plug the machine in and spray vacuum your car clean.

The brush would be of soft long bristles.

There would be less ice buildup on your garage or driveway in winter as most of the water would be vacuumed up and your car would be less likely to have frozen doors or windows as the warm water is vacuumed up.

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If the country were different I would try and patent this, but that is just living in the “U.S.A.” our ideas are taken by HEIR GOON and we are given mercy in return.

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