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Inventions Needed: Lawn Mower Improvements 07 09 2017

Inventions Needed: Lawn Mower Improvements 07 09 2017

A lawnmower should also have a secondary blower that propels the cut grass from out and under of the "Umbrellla" chamber of the mower.  This would allow the mower to maintain blade sharpness.  This would allow the motor to stay clean on the underside more readily.

So how would you engineer it?

It could be an offshoot gear off of the main drive.  But in any case you want to engineer that blower so that it doesn't require much force from the main power in order to be able to turn it.  Perhaps the it diverts no more than 5% away from the main blade.

Have they thought of this already?

It is needed for electric models in order to make them work better in the manner described above.

You really can't channel cut grass like it is in a C pump.  Could you create a second c type pump above the main cutting blade?  A c pump chamber above the main blade with an impeller inside to accomplish this?  Yes.  But would that take too much power away?  It would have to be engineered not to.  But I believe it could be made to provide enough assist to accomplish the above stated goals needing improvement.

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As always collect the money for the designs of American minds as if you thought of them yourself and have the products made in China.  You don't fool anyone.  What a bunch of rats you are.

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